Lifeskills : Making Dreams Come True

As a child picking grapes, I said that although we worked hard, we never really got anywhere. Finishing one crop meant starting another. We were so busy working hard, bent and stooped over, it never occurred to us to stand up straight and look around for better opportunities. By settling for the first job we found, we eliminated any chance for better ones. Had we used our minds more and our backs less, we would have had many more opportunities available to us. What a pity!

I was fortunate. I used my hot years under the grapevines to dream and picture. I used to say I hate the heat and this dirty work. When I get older I’m going to work in an air-conditioned office and live in a big house. I’m going to go to school and study so I won’t have to work in the fields. I’m going to marry a kind, generous man. What ever i dreamt materialised for me.They can and will materialise for your, too if u dare to dream.