NEW YORK: A foot injury during a show has forced Hollywood actress Ashley Judd to take a break from her role in ‘Cat On A Hot Tin Roof’ on Broadway. According to a report in Teen Hollywood, the actress had to limp offstage halfway through the evening show at New York’s Music Box Theater — to be replaced by her understudy.

Judd’s rep confirmed she had suffered “a mid foot sprain with torn ligaments” after “landing funny” during the second act. “She plans on returning but she doesn’t know when.”

Despite the injury Judd is gearing up to take on a vocation even more chancy than jumping on tin roofs. The beauty told a friend that she plans to relax with hubby, race car driver Dario Franchetti and get behind the wheel herself, says New York Post.

“I’m going to try racing and will be riding in a two-seater with Mario Andretti, he is the only person Dario will let me ride with.”