Lohan to file restraining order against dad

NEW YORK: Lindsay Lohan is planning to file a restraining order against her dad - because she fears for her safety.

The Mean Girls actress' parents have been publicly exchanging an ongoing war of words over their troubled daughter, with her father, Michael, claiming Lindsay is hooked on strong medication she buys from one of Hollywood's biggest drug dealers.

The star has dismissed her father's allegations, but that didn't stop Michael going public with his concerns on Friday (16Oct09). He appeared on U.S. TV to plead with Lindsay to conquer her personal demons and check into rehab.

In response, Lohan's mother, Dina, blasted her ex-husband for discussing his family's problems so publicly.

But Michael remains defiant, insisting he has his daughter's best interests at heart, insisting legal steps need to be taken for the benefit of Lindsay - and her younger sister, Ali.

He says, "I am taking legal proactive steps, Dina. What are you doing beside lying, making excuses and putting Ali in the same position you put Lindsay in? Be a real parent, the one you were when we were married and let's save our daughter and give her her life back."

Now, the actress is so worried about her dad's ongoing remarks and what he might do next, she has asked her lawyer, Shawn Holley Chapman, to obtain a restraining order against Michael. The filing should be completed within the next 48 hours.

The move comes after reports suggested Michael was planning to kidnap his daughter as part of an elaborate intervention.

Michael tells RadarOnline the restraining order bid has little to do with his daughter and everything to do with her mother: "Dina is the one that told her to get a restraining order. But you know what? I‘m still going to try to do everything with the courts to try and get Lindsay better.”