Lonely Suri


Suri Cruise seems like a lucky little girl: she’s rich, has famous parents and lives a

luxury lifestyle. But when you look more closely, it’s clear that the two-year-old leads a lonely life — and a leading psychologist told BILD that the isolation may cause problems when she is older.

The daughter of Tom and Katie has lots of playmates: mum, dad, and lots of teddy bears and dolls. But she does not seem to have any real friends her own age. Little Suri is never seen playing with other kids, but is constantly hanging on to the hand of Tom Cruise or being carried by mum Katie Holmes. The mother-daughter duo are often seen at the playground together and Katie seems to be Suri’s best friend. Tom is believed to be the cause of Suri’s isolation. The Hollywood star is picky about who he and his family associate with. Apparently he has yet to find any playmates worthy of Suri’s company.

Other celebrity parents face similar problems as they try to prevent their children from being raised in the public eye. Famous couples like Heidi Klum and Seal, Victoria and David Beckham, and Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale found a solution by simply letting their children play with other celeb kids. But even though the Beckhams are close friends of the Cruises, Suri is never seen at these play dates.

BILD asked Hamburg psychologist Dr Elmar Basse if it is healthy for a child to be raised in such isolation from others her own age. He said, “It’s important that children spend time with those who are the same age as them in order to foster psychological development. They have to learn to cooperate with other people and develop social skills early in life.”

The psychologist’s conclusion: Suri will not necessarily have problems late due to her relationship with her parents, but “they also aren’t making it any easier for her”. — Agencies