Lost in darkness

She was lonely and frustrated. She sought hands to hold on to and come out of her claustrophobic world and enjoy the warmth of the outer world.

Of late she had been holding on to crutches and had stepped out of the darkness. She had finally come out of that dark, scary room where she had been hiding. She had for the last time locked the door, and thrown away the keys to that dark world.

Her thoughts were happy and she looked forward to a blissful life in a beautiful world. But those dreams had lasted just as long as a burning candle.

As she limped around, she realised that her thoughts, her dreams were just those.

She turned back with a heavy heart, to the room which was her hiding place from the world: a hiding place from a world full of people who were cruel, selfish and self-centred.

The darkness enveloped her and she felt at ease.