This love gets you emotional ... in the end

Love Love Love

Genre: Romance

Director: Dipendra K Khanal

Cast: Suraj Pandey, Swastima Khadka, Ramesh Budhathoki et cetera

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A guy falling in love with a beautiful girl is not a new story nor is a one-sided love. Director Dipendra K Khanal, using the foundation of these regular concepts of love story, has however been able make his audience emotional with the narrative of Love Love Love.

Suraj (Suraj Pandey) and Samriddhi (Swastima Khadka) are childhood friends. Suraj loves Samriddhi but is not able to express his love her. However, he gathers his courage one day and expresses his love for her, which is not reciprocated. But he gets a chance — a deadline of 12 days to win Samriddhi’s heart.

The movie has a very simple plot with not many twists and turns. It’s a very common love story with very emotional last few scenes. The final scenes make the audience shed tears in bucketfuls. Khanal’s daring end to the movie is quite appealing.

Having said this, some scenes are not necessary at all like the get-together in Samriddhi’s home, the duo forgetting their way en route to Samriddhi’s grandfather’s home, Facebook upload of people feeding human excrement to a woman accused of being a witch. The movie wouldn’t have lost its grip even if these scenes weren’t included.

Khadka’s act is appealing. Her body language, gestures and dialogue delivery are brilliant. Pandey’s look with huge glasses and rough hair gives him the geeky look. He needs to improve on his acting. The songs have nothing much to do with the film. However, Niraj Kadel’s cinematography is brilliant. He has been able to capture the beauty of Pokhara through his lens. Had a little more editing been done and dubbing done well, Love Love Love would have been a much better watch.