Love of my life



Her innocent and smiling face was like a pleasant breeze that would touch everyone’s heart. When she passed by, people could hardly keep their eyes away form the attraction of her beauty. And I wasn’t anything extraordinary. Like everybody I was attracted by the magic of her beauty. With this attraction I fell in love with her. We never knew when we were drawn into the ocean of love. The picture of her, which stayed in my heart, always accompanied me when I was alone.

When we felt lonely and dejected we always remembered each other and shared all our feelings. The passion of love had been increasing day by day and our relationship was getting closer and closer. There wasn’t a day or night that we didn’t talk to each other. Whenever we had a problem calling from home we used to call from public booths. We used to hang on the phone, hobnobbing for hours sharing our daily routine and feeling. And it was our daily routine. In case we couldn’t share feelings even for a day, we didn’t feel well. Once, I had to go out of town for official reasons. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to let her know about my schedule. Before leaving we met for a while and I told her that I was leaving for a few days. She was perplexed and got annoyed for not being told before. She said, “Oh, now you are telling me that you are leaving.” “Please don’t go” she said in low voice. It looked like she suffered from a fever and her beautiful face turned pale.

One of her relatives saw both of us together and knew about our relationship. That was the turning point in our relationship. The distance gradually started increasing between us. The hearts where love and optimism resided were overtaken by fear. One day she told me that we wouldn’t be meeting or talking to each other anymore. I tried to keep the distance but I couldn’t. I couldn’t convince myself that she was right. Though time passed by, it is hard to believe that we no more have a relationship. My beliefs have crumbled since I came to know that she now talks in the same manner that we used to talk with a different person.