Lovely dolphins

The dolphin is an aquatic mammal which is known as sons in Nepali. The scientific name of dolphin is Platanista gangetica.

Mythologically, the Gangetic dolphin which is found in Nepal is believed to be the reincarnation of goddess Ganga or her messenger.

The dolphin of Nepal has a streamlined body. It has longer snout and has 30-32 teeth. The longer snout makes it look like as if it is smiling. On the dorsal part of head, there is deep hole that acts as a nose which is also called ‘blow hole’. Oxygen rich air reaches the dolphin’s lung through this blow hole. The dolphin has only one lobbed lung. It comes out of the water every 30-35 seconds to for air. The dolphin has very poor eyesight. It uses its sense of sound to find its destination. The dolphins are mobile creature never staying in one place. A dolphin keeps on swimming 18 hours a day. A dolphin can reach the bottom of the sea or ocean but has to come out of the sea or the ocean to breathe.