Lure of neon lights, skyscrapers

If a survey were to be done on how many people would like to live in Nepal, only a handful would say they would love to live here. The majority would prefer going abroad, mainly to the US.

I asked one of my cousins the reason for him being so determined to go there.

He answered, “If I stay here and go along with Nepali pace of development, I

will see skyscrapers only from heaven.”

His response left me speechless.

The day before, I was at New Road when I spotted a cyber café. I was taken aback to see groups of families instead of teenagers in the café. I later came to know that these people were there to apply for the DV lottery. Seeing so many people filling up DV forms made me realise that our country was about to lose thousands of people to another country.

One of the café staff told me that around 300 people come each day to that café alone for the sole purpose of filling up DV forms. The neon lights, skyscrapers, cleanliness and superb highways abroad can fascinate anyone but we should remember all our manpower is getting drained this way.

The first world countries now dream of developing the sky above their land because their land is more than developed.

Our contribution in a developed state will not have much effect but the same in our own country will have a great impact. It is a known fact that our country cannot provide its students with advanced technical studies.

As a student, I believe that we should go abroad, gain enough knowledge, return home and help our people on the road to advancement.