Monalisa Adhikari Confident enough

Himalayan News Service


Standing 5’5”, this Capricorn has no dearth of confidence, as Monalisa declares that she wants to be an ambassador from Nepal to any country. She is not a kind of girl one can easily fool. A boring talk turns her off and good music is enough to turn her on. She says, “Nowadays I have been listening to Nepali numbers and they are pretty good. I prefer listening to Nabin K Bhattarai. I love listening to Elvis Presley, Smokey, Pink Floyd and Guns and Roses.” Meeting confident people with eloquence, reading books and writing articles are included in her hobbies.

One of her favourite Nepali writers is CK Lal, a prolific column writer, and has but praises for him. “I have never read to any Nepali writer with such broad views. Besides, I like reading novels by Stephen King and Nancy Drew,” she shares her favourite read. She is looking forward to watching ‘Passion of The Christ’ and mentions that Mel Gibson has revived Christ with the film.

One thing that scares her to death is darkness. She believes that she has a typical Capricorn character. “I am a very sensitive person. My mood swings quite often and to cool it down water is a must and that is the reason I enjoy swimming,” she gushes. Recently she completed her Higher Secondary Education from Kendriya Vidhyalaya, Indian Embassy, Kathmandu. Presently, she is trying her luck to get a place in Webster University, Thailand. She shares, “I am planning to graduate in International Relations and after that will do Master’s in the same. I think I am pretty good in my studies.”

She says that she participated in Lux Beauty Stars selection because she was doing nothing at that time. “Something is better than nothing so I just jumped into the contest,” she informs. She says that ‘Lux Beauty Star 2004’ title is a huge platform, which will open door for opportunities to international stardom. She has but one suggestion to the organising committee, “I believe that the event should be given continuity. People should broaden their views regarding fashion and beauty. It teaches everyone many things — poise, catwalk, confidence...” The Lux Beauty Star 2004 will be held on May 22. Watch this space for the countdown.