Pinks, reds and oranges are for fair skinned women while maroons and browns look mesmerising on a dark complexion. However, orange is a no no for sallow skin while pink mattes look pretty on dusky skin. But lipsticks must be matched or contrasted with the colour of one’s outfit. Still confused? Drop a line at and await enlightenment.

Can you teach me the correct way to apply powder as I have just purchased one after reading your column? — Sanjana Upreti

You can use a small powder puff or a brush to apply powder. It’s best to powder the forehead

first followed by the temples, cheeks, chin and finally the nose.

I have a party this weekend and my outfit is a fetching orange and it is a daytime party, could you suggest the right make-up? — Prapti Chand

As your outfit is in the orange shade I advise you to do up your eyes in a soft brown eye shadow and wear a neutral shade of lipstick. The less for the day the better.

My lips look dry. Which lipstick with an aloe vera base is the right one for me? — Rosie Arya

If your lips are dry you should only apply cream lipsticks as they hydrate the lips. And before you go to bed always apply Vaseline.

I am given to a very oily complexion and a profession that demands me to remain outdoors most of the time. My face has become a field of pimples. Please help. — Grusha Chettri

You must wash your face at least thrice a day and apply a sunblock and a light foundation over it with a SPF, as you are most of the time outdoors.

I have penchant for dark coloured lipsticks and I am very fair, what are the right shades I could use? — Brinda Aley

Dark coloured lipsticks are a definite no no for a fair complexion. The correct shades for your fair complexion are shades of warm pink and peaches and sometimes for a dramatic effect you can try bright reds.

The prize for the question of the week goes to Prapti Chand.