Maha tackles conflict situation


After venting off their wrath against the corrupt, they have finally shifted their attention to the prevailing mood in the country.

The conflict situation in the country is their subject of concern for the moment. But the issues are copious and therefore the need to extend it to a good 42 episodes.

Maha Sanchar, in the past one decade, has been able to raise issues and enlighten the tele-buffs about their role in alleviating the lesser-known evils in the society.

But never has the nation so irrevocably been mired in any predicament than the monstrous mayhem that has gripped it.

Maha Sanchar, whether it be trifle human follies or the more entrenched of the social evils, has always successfully pulled it off brilliantly.

Not to mention, that they have equally been able to shake them up from the deep slumber.

Maha Chautari in association with Antenna Foundation Nepal in the bid to address the

anguish of the people caught in conflict have made yet another tele-series Maha Chautari.

At a press show organised at the Russian Culture Centre on February 10, the series titled Beli Chameli was screened.

The serial deals with the heartbreaking plight of women widowed in the conflict.

The series, which will run for a total length of 42 episodes, will be aired on Nepal Television, starting February 11 every Saturday at 9 pm.

So keep your Saturday nights free.