Making the best of your holidays


The best time of the year is here — the much awaited holidays and all students must be rejoicing. The festive season sure is a time to have fun and enjoy with friends and family. Though initially it may seem like you have a really long holiday, time will soon fly by. So it is better that along with the festivities you take out some time for studies and to learn something new as well.

You must be piled with loads of homework and, thinking I’ll start tomorrow is an easy excuse. But it will just become more difficult later. So set a timetable for yourselves. Keep at least two hours a day to do your homework and two hours to study.

Though the holidays start a bit earlier, the main festivities will begin only later, so try to complete your homework now, so that you are free and can celebrate without any tensions later.

You could browse the Internet or visit a library that’s open and gain knowledge during the holidays. If you have any projects or assignments, these sources will be helpful and you will have all the necessary materials. You could browse sites like encyclopedia and wikipedia.

It is not only you who need new clothes to look good. Take a look at your books and copies. If the covers are torn and the sides folding in from the sides, buy new brown paper or good covers and cover those books.

Since you have more free time you could read the daily newspapers and magazines.

This is the time of the year when you will be meeting all your relatives. You could make handmade cards for them with Dashain and Tihar greetings.

Instead of just staying home, you could ask your parents to take you to some place new. You will not have a memorable outing but will also learn new things.

This is also a good time to clean up your messy room and make it look like new.

Spend time with your grandparents. Ask them to tell you stories about their Dashain and even get to know more about why the festival is celebrated.

If you are going back to your parents’ villages, don’t just waste time sitting idly. Try to find out interesting things and places in that place.