Malla’s solo act in Canada

KATHMANDU: Ashesh Malla recently took part in the Liverpool International Theatre Festival organised at the famous Astor Theatre in Canada, which was held from May 14 to 18. It is one of the biggest theatre festivals in Canada. Malla was invited as the guest of honour for the festival. Workshops related to theatre were also conducted, where he also talked about theatre in Nepal.

He also performed a mono act of the play, Atirikta Aakash (Additional Sky) during the opening ceremony which was well received. The play revolved around a lead actor who is in jail as he had killed a high profile person who raped his wife. The play, a monologue, was performed in Nepali with some important dialogues spoken in English. The play was written, directed and acted by Malla.

Sarwanam also performed their play The Remaining Pages of History directed by Malla. Theatre groups from many different countries like Israel, Syria, Wales, Maryland, Slovakia, Germany, Spain and other s had participated in the festival.— HNS