Man behind the music

Himalayan News Service


July 2 will be an evening to look forward to listening to the soulful voice of Pankaj Udhas, the ghazal guru. Sponsored by Mc Dowell’s No 1, The Himalayan Times, co-sponsor of the event bring you in touch with Pankaj Udhas, the man behind the music. A singer of international calibre, he will also be performing for the audience at Biratnagar on July 3. The programmes are organised by Vivid Entertainers Pvt. Pankaj Udhas was born on May 17 at Jetpur, a tiny village in Gujarat. With a family history that is rich in music, Pankaj started his singing career at the tender age of six. His father played the ‘Dilruba’ as a hobby and both his brothers were interested in singing. When he was 10 years old, Pankaj began to learn to play the tabla. His first major breakthrough came when he won Rs 51 for singing the soul-stirring song “Ay Mere Watan Ke Logon”. This was before an estimated audience of 5,000. He was only eleven.

Pankaj Udhas graduated in Botany and Chemistry. All through his college years, he won various music competitions. He wanted to do a Master’s in Botany but music took the better of him and he gave up on the more academic side of him to pursue his artistic abilities. Today, Udhas is known as a maestro who needs no introduction.