Manisha’s new-found love for golf

MUMBAI: Manisha Koirala’s life seems back on track — she is enjoying her relationship with golfer boyfriend Chris. After meeting Chris, Manisha is hooked on to golf and she attended the US Open 2008 golf championship in San Diego June 9-15. “Chris, my boyfriend, is a professional golfer. I confess I got interested in golf only because of him. I went down to San Diego for the tournament because of Chris. And I was hooked,” said Manisha.

Chris and Manisha have been seriously seeing each other since last year. He was one of the guests for Manisha’s brother Siddharth’s wedding in January. Now Manisha has invited Chris for his first full-fledged visit to India.

“Yes Chris did attend my brother’s wedding. I’m looking forward to having him over very shortly,” she said.

So is Manisha set to become Bollywood’s second golfer’s wife after Chitrangada Singh? “Oh I never thought of it that way. Let’s see. Let’s not jump the gun. I’d rather not talk about Chris too much right now. The minute a relationship gets in the limelight, it becomes subject to too much pressure. I’d like to see where it goes.”