Margarita Wednesdays


This could be another (or the only one) great reason to celebrate that it is the middle of the week. Wednesdays that Dwarika’s, the hotel that is a living tribute to Nepal’s architectural and cultural heritage, could be the one thing that you may have been missing. From the month of June, the hotel’s Fusion Bar has introduced Mezza and Margarita — a special moment created just for you to take one crazy step from work to relaxation.

The hotel promises you a personal pitcher of Margarita and a Mezza platter — an array of hot and cold appetisers.

The Margarita is the most common of tequila-based cocktails made from three ingredients — tequila, cointreau and fresh squeezed juice served with salt on the rim of the glass. Bartenders specialising in tequila have the opinion that salt hides the inferior flavour of bad Margaritas made by not-so-good tequilas. But at Dwarika’s you can be sure that the bartenders are not trying to hide the inferior flavours as ingredients used are of the best quality.

Though the event is on throughout the week, Wednesday’s Mezza and Margarita are served at a special price of Rs 555 (net only).

So, what’s stopping you — go uncork the good times.