Mariah’s lifestyle plunges Nick into debt

LONDON: Mariah Carey’s new husband Nick Cannon is getting into debt as he tries to fund her extravagant lifestyle.

The rapper is reportedly worried about being perceived as a “kept man” and is splashing the cash to prove otherwise. A source told National Enquirer magazine that Nick is “burying himself in debt” trying to keep up with Mariah.

The source added, “Nick’s sensitive about being perceived as a kept man, so he’s going out of his way to indulge Mariah with lavish gifts and expensive dinners.

“And the bottom line is that he just doesn’t have the kind of money she has. It’s starting to stress him out.”

Nick is also said to be worried new career opportunities he is being offered are not genuine. The insider claimed, “It hurts him when people use him to get to Mariah. Or worse, think of him as Mr Carey.”