Marine harvest


Friends, family, countrymen, it’s time for another eat-out! And this time around let the joint be Rox Bar at Hotel Hyatt Regency. For, Rox Bar, for the first time, has launched seafood fusion treasure, a festival that marks an addition of fusion foods to its original, exotic menu.

The addition brings in a whole seductive range of seafood flown in straight from Singapore to the Valley. “It’s not only the wide range of delectable cuisines that makes the festival a special one but also the unavailability of such cuisine at any other place in town,” says Harinder Singh, general manager, Hyatt Regency.

“Though, our main emphasis has been on Italian cuisines, this is the first time ever that we’ve introduced fusion food with an additional mixture of two to three European cuisines,” says Sher Bahadur Dhakal, chef de cuisine. This includes the scrumptious oven roasted citrus jumbo prawns for appetisers (accompanied with balsamic vinaigrette) and cajun grilled with swordfish (served with peppercorn, pinot noir sauce) for the main meal. Not to mention a variety of Italian, French and Spanish wines to wash it down with. “Lobster thermidor on the bed of squid ink tagliatelli is yet another meal that makes an irresistible combo with gavi villa lanata,” the chef recommends. The festival is on till September11.