Marvel of magazines

Parents are often surprised when teachers suggest their children read magazines. However, they should not be. The benefits are many,so read on to learn about the benefits that reading magazines offers to young readers and how to introduce your children to the medium.

Magazine benefits

Magazine articles can provide reluctant readers with a lively, breezy writing style that can inspire them to read more. The articles in magazines are generally short, which allows a child to finish reading a feature article without losing interest due to a short attention span. The writing in magazines also tends to be easy to read, especially if it is a children’s publication.

By allowing your child to read magazines at an early age, you are encouraging development of a useful skill. Magazines and newspapers provide adults with critical news. Getting into the habit of reading periodicals as a child will foster the habit of reading news articles that may continue into adulthood.

The format of magazines enables children to be exposed to a wide variety of subjects. Magazine articles challenge students to think about issues they may have never considered or cause them to rethink their world view. Information is available in a wide variety of reading levels because magazines are written for every audience imaginable. Many publications cover the same material in different writing styles that might make it easier for your child to comprehend.

Magazine activities

Reading magazines as a family can be used to introduce each other to the various interests that each family member possesses. When your children are finished with their magazines, encourage them to pass their issue on to a sibling or other family member.

Once each family member has finished reading each magazine, you can use them for art and writing projects. These projects are for family members of all ages.

•Cut out pictures to help your preschool and kindergarten children learn their alphabet, numbers, and colours.

•Keep interesting magazine pictures to give children story ideas. Paste the picture at the top of a page and have them write a story about what is happening or what the picture represents.

•Clip pictures to create a collage. Many teenagers love using their artistic talents to collage.