Mary’s magic shoes

Thirteen-year-old Mary Clark was an all-rounder. She was the best in everything — be it academics or other activities — at school. To add to her overflowing cup, Mary was a talented ballet dancer having already won numerous prizes and awards.

The time for the national ballet competition was near and she had been practising for it earnestly. By the time the great day dawned, she was all set and ready for her performance. However, to her great disappointment she found her lucky shoes torn to bits. Her heart sank.

“God, who could have done this?” Mary sobbed out clutching at the torn bits of her precious shoes. She had no other option but to rush home for another pair.

She reached into her and to her shock and amazement, she found a new and beautiful pair of ballet shoes there. They were not hers but were in her size. Her heart beating with excitement, she put the shoes on... and she suddenly found herself in the magical world of Harry Potter.

Mary was a student at Hogwarts. She had always wished she could be a member of the Harry Potter world and now her wish had come true.

At Hogwarts, she met her dream guy - Harry, and not to forget Hermoine and Ron. And guess what? She even got to watch the ever-awaited Quidditch competition.

Her time at Hogwarts was full of adventures and thrills. Getting into Harry’s invisibility cloak was a great experience for Mary. Attending classes had never been so exciting — wizardry and witchcraft lessons were so amazing, and lunch and dinner at the Great Hall was Mary’s dream come true.

When she came face to face with Professor Dumbledore, he told that she had entered a fantasy world, that Hogwarts and Potter and the rest were just figments of her imagination and that her life was a reality. And with a flick of Professor Dumbledore’s want, Mary found herself back in her room.

However, she could not tell whether her imaginations and fancy had played a trick on her, or whether she had really flown to that fantastical world.