n I am a big Italian fan and wouldn’t want to miss any of their matches. I quarrelled with my mum and sister the day the Italians played the Czechs. They had captured the TV remote control and were ready for their K-serial. My sister said we should vote. The winner will control the remote. And, of course, I lost. My father sat neutral. We have been fighting daily. If I am made the head of cable TV network, I will finish one of the channels airing K-serials once and for all. That channel has become a great enemy.

— Ranjan Adhikari

n Being an avid Portugal supporter, I went through a bitter experience when my team lost to Mexico. I tried to deceive my family by blocking off Star Plus from cable line since my family’s favourite serials are mostly aired on it. I was not successful as my elder sister is quite familiar with the actual workings of the control system. She smelled out what I up to and I could not watch the match.

— Lakpa Dindu Yolmo

n I would like to quote Harsha Bhogle of ESPN-StarSports: “The World Cup is the greatest equaliser — bringing together the whole world on a common field”. Surprisingly in my house of a joint family, there has not been any flicking of channels during the World Cup matches even when it is time for some of the favourite serials. Even my mum and aunts have been closely following football. My

aunt is more updated about the score than

me. Her five-year-old

son and his brother have forgotten Pokemon,

Cartoon Network, Spiderman. Everything else has taken a back seat at our home.

— Sushant Tuladhar

n My family members have all been by the WC football bug and I have to fight to get to watch my choice on TV. I like K-serials and music channels. I tried to convince them to watch highlights, but they don’t agree with me. Sometimes I have to just be stubborn to watch my favourite programmes.

— Deepika Sakha

n I don’t like either the WC nor serials. I watch them when I have no other choice. But I fought with my mother to watch a cartoon. It was the last day of that cartoon and my mother told me to put on Dhohori. I asked to let let me watch the cartoon as it was my favourite. I am small so I couldn’t do anything. I just shouted for a while and went to my room and cried.

— Indramaya Gurung

n I have been managing to watch both the serials and WC very easily. When matches are going on, I watch WC and during breaks, I am busy watching the serials. We can also watch the repeat telecast of serials during the day time. For the news, I listen to the radio and it does not disturb my WC matches.

— Teena Gurung