Matt ‘ashamed’ for groping stripper

Los Angeles: Former ‘Friends’ star Matt LeBlanc has apologised to his wife for groping a stripper on a drunken night out. LeBlanc admits he got carried away in a recent visit to a strip club during a 10-day motorbike trip in Canada. LeBlanc was with 10 of his buddies when one girl approached him and asked if they could have some drinks together. The stripper then supposedly lured LeBlanc into an adjoining room where she sat on his lap. She charged $54 for the dance. Regretting the incident, LeBlanc has this to say: “... If I had been sober perhaps

I’d have acted quicker. I realised I was being careless and had to get the hell out of there. I acted like a fool in allowing myself to be led astray and placed in such a horrible situation. I feel ashamed.”