Melodies shower


Sukarma’, a well-known name in the field of classical music in the country as well as abroad, performed its 4th series of ‘Ritu Shrawan’, a number of classical based seasonal melodies at Gurukul on August 20 and 21. The programme was organised by Gurukul and Mantra International, the promoter of the band. On the eve of Gaijatra, the band started performing classical form of Silume and Byanchuli melodies that are based on Newari tradition that coincide with the festival being observed on the town. Then followed a classical composition based on Raga Megha, meant for the monsoon season. The hall was full of music lovers comprising of both national and international audiences.

A fusion of classical and folk could be felt at their Maruni Geet. To give western flavour to the Nepali folk tunes, they also experimented with Jazz through Sitar, Sarangi and Tabla. “We are working on our upcoming album and have experimented with various tunes to bring western essence to our new composition,” informed Dhurbesh Chandra Regmi, one of the band members. Other compositions that followed included compositions based on Raga Shivaranjani with a message of peace, a composition made for World Food Programme under UNDP, with a message of importance of food reserve in the world. “Even during the Rana regime, classical music were a means to create awareness among the people and awaken them,” said Regmi.

Many other classical compositions based on Gazals, Raga Bhairabi, Raga Pilu were performed to give the audience, classical tastes of all kinds. Using Matka, a mud pot and Murchunga, a special kind of musical instrument, they took the listeners on a journey of the Himalayan regions through their music and vocal given by Shyam Nepali. Their mastery over the instrument aided by their creativity caught hold of the listeners for a long time and made the evening soul satisfying.