Melodious brothers


The beauty of the Paleti series that nepa-laya has been organising is that it not only brings talented singers from Nepal and neighbouring places, but that it also allows the audience to feel a connection with the singer as he shares little secrets of his life and anecdotes behind the songs. By the end of the programme, it is almost like you know him and can imagine the surroundings he grew up in.

For the July edition, which was held on July 25, composer and singer Badri and Durga Kharel had come from Darjeeling. They started the programme singing Gham Ra Jun Dubera, composed by their first guru Gopal Yonzon. Talking about their entry into the world of

music and singing Durga Kharel explained, “During Bhanu jayanti we used to read the Ramayana path in our town and it became a custom that was followed every year.”

Then they got to learn under the guidance of Yonzon. Besides Yonzon, it was Norden Rumba who had penned lyrics for some of their songs that they were full of praises for.

It was the childish relation that these brothers, who are nearing 60, still shared that impressed Aavas when he went to meet them in Darjeeling. And it was quite obvious as Durga Kharel said tapai to Badri Kharel and jokingly added, “Etro jamat ko agadi tapai bhanyo bhanera khushi bhayo hola.”

The duet performed melodious compositions such as Mero Maya Marshyangdiko Paani, Gaine Dai La and E Dhaka Topima Hera.

And as to how they compose their songs they shared, that when they were young they roamed around a lot and at times rushed home saying, la geet phuryo. They sang a special song to honour and thanking the previous generation — Ek Raat Thiyo rendered by Jiten Bardewa.

Beside the melodious songs, the strong lyrics that touch one’s soul left the audience totally mesmerised. It was songs like Kasta Kasta, Jati Samjhanchhu, Yo Kasto Achanak and Kina Jun Jagmagaunchha which were really meaningful and delighted everyone present.