Memories of a dancing god

Rita Dhital


Artists no longer follow others’ interpretations these days. They express what they perceive as true. This is evident in Sakar Shrestha’s art and painting exhibition exhibited in the Yela Maya Kendra, Patan Dhoka on April 16. Shrestha, an architect by profession, seems equally gifted and innovative on the canvas. In his “Dancing Ganesh”, the god is shown with a flat stomach playing soccer and basketball with Lord Krishna, with Shiva cheering on the sidelines.

Shrestha’s striking images are those of women. To show the workload on women and their routine life, he has identified woman with a horse in his work “Woman in Sadness”. One more interesting work by Shrestha is the sketch entitled “Memories” that is framed inside an eye as memories come in front of our eyes. Radha Krishna Mainali, minister for education and sports, inaugurated the exhibition organised under the chairmanship of Dil Bahadur Shrestha, former home minister. It was the first solo exhibition of Shrestha and there were 20 paintings on show. The prices ranged from Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000 and the funds raised from the exhibition would be donated to Happy Homes, Lalitpur. The exhibition will be on till April 18.