Meryl Streep has fragrant fingers

LOS ANGELES: Meryl Streep picked up numerous cooking tips on the set of her latest movie 'Julie and Julia', including how to keep her fingers smelling good.

Meryl Streep uses salt to keep her fingers smelling nice.

The Oscar-winning actress gained a great insight into kitchen life while shooting her latest movie 'Julie and Julia' - in which she plays world-famous chef Julia Child - and was given lots of helpful advice, including how to keep your digits fragrant.

The 60-year-old star said: "I got a lot of good cooking tips. You need a good pan and always cook on a high heat. I also learned that if you have garlic and onions on your fingers, if you dip them in salt and then rinse them in cool water, the smell goes right away."

Meryl recently revealed she and co-star Amy Adams - who plays writer Julie Powell, who challenged herself to cook Julia's recipes, in the film - piled on the pounds during filming.

Meryl said: "I gained 15 pounds - I'm still trying to lose it! It was worth it."

Amy added: "I ate a lot! Cooking is like love - it should be approached with abandon."