Message on kites

Although she was just six and didn’t know how to fly a kite, Susan always loved to watch kites flying high up in the sky. Since it was Dashain, she could always see a couple of kites flying above her house, and found it really pleasant to watch them disappear into the clouds and reappear. In fact, she loved watching them so much that it had become a sort of daily routine to go to the terrace and lose herself among the beautiful clouds, watching the kites move freely in the sky.

One evening, as she was watching the kites, Susan particularly noticed one that was flying higher than the others; it was so high that it was almost difficult to keep it in sight. And then, suddenly, a thought occurred to her. Perhaps, the kites that flew so high reached heaven, to God. Feeling excited, Susan took one of her brother’s kites and wrote all of her wishes on it. She also wrote a message, addressing to god, wishing him “Happy Dashain, may this Dashain be lucky for you, me and all the people in the world”.

Susan asked her brother to fly the kite. She believed that the kite would reach God and he would fulfil all her wishes.

So let us all scribble messages we want to convey to god in our kites this Dashain, and fly it high up in the sky. God will get our messages, and will sure make this Dashain very special. Wish you all a very happy Dashain. Have fun communicating to God!