Metal mania grips Capital

Kathmandu :

The cold winter evening was warmed up by the Valley rockers at the Mahendra Police Club with their hard-hitting music on January 13. Chilling spree II, organised by the Ktm Rocks for the second time, invited all the rock and metal lovers to the first rock concert of the year.

The club’s poolside was filled with almost 200 music lovers head banging throughout the event.

Though the concert was due to start at 2:00 pm, much of the time was taken up in arranging the equipment and sound check. So it was way past the scheduled hour when the rockers and their fans were really in the mood to rock and roll.

Ten metal and rock bands participated in the concert. Heavy Metal Gang’s Ministry of rock, Night, Vhumi, Lost Oblivion, Prophets of Doom, Invaders, Shannon Scam, Baking Space Cake, Arachnids and Obscured managed to keep the crowd screaming for more with their electrifying performances.

The lighting and special effects gave one the feeling of being out in some other world. The crowd enjoyed the concert with full enthusiasm, and continued to scream and cheer for the bands the entire time.

Even though the crowd was dominated by boys, one could not stop noticing the rising number of metal fan following among the females. Almost everyone was dressed in black be it the punk get-up or the lazy, laid back rock look, and everyone looked a part of the crowd.

The momo stall providing steaming hot momo and chilled beer made a perfect combination making the evening even better.