MIND YOUR MANNERS : Dance your tune

You should recognise the importance of using some simple social graces in order to better everyone’s experience, including your own. On the other hand, you may have witnessed environments that were uncomfortable due to someone’s ignorance or lack of respect for simple etiquette guidelines:

Dancing do’s

•It is appropriate and encouraged that women ask men to dance, as well as men asking women to dance. If you want to dance with someone, just ask!

•Always accept when someone asks you to dance unless one of the following applies:

1. You are very tired, injured, or do not know the dance. In this case, it is never appropriate to turn down one person only to accept or ask someone else during the same song.

2.You are leaving the dance.

3.Someone already asked you or you promised this dance to another person.

4.You have danced with the person before and they make you very uncomfortable.

•Dance at your partner’s level. The goal is to make your partner feel and look good, not to show off! People are impressed with someone who does the basics really well, has a solid lead, and is considerate. They are not impressed with someone who tries to perform every advanced pattern possible in two minutes and yanks them through things they are not ready for.

•Apologise if you bump into someone or step on their feet (regardless of whose fault it was). This goes for your partner as well as other dancers on the floor.

•At the end of the dance, walk your partner off the floor, or to their next partner.

•If there is a live band, applaud each song.

•If you are dancing at a bar or lounge, please order at least one drink and tip the service staff. Bars and lounges are a business and need to make a profit. At least order bottled water and tip generously.

•Share floor space with all dancers.