Mirren shops at charity stores

LONDON: Acclaimed actress Dame Helen Mirren says she buys her clothes from charity shops when she travels to movie locations around the world. Mirren, who is currently enjoying critical acclaim for her performance in The Queen, says she cannot bring herself to spend money on clothing, reports contactmusic.com. She says, “If I travel anywhere particularly cold or hot, I don’t take any clothes with me. At the airport I’ll ask the taxi driver to take me to the nearest charity shop where I’ll buy what I need for the trip. When it’s time to come home, I take them back to the shop. That way I don’t have to haul luggage around with me and I get the pleasure of wearing a new outfit for only 50 pence! Even though I’m now in a position to go shopping, I don’t indulge very often — it’s just not in my nature.”