Mix of supense, action, comedy

Ek The Power of One

Genre: Action

Cast: Bobby Deol, Nana Patekar, Shreya Sharan, Jackie Shroff and Chunky Pandey

Director: Sangeeth Sivan

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KATHMANDU: With a flavour of action, suspense and comedy, Ek The Power of One keeps one seated till the end. However, one will find it difficult to grapple the plot if one doesn’t pay full attention.

Nandu (Bobby Deol) gets wrongly accused of a politician’s murder and is on the run. The police catch up with him on the train and shoot at him, but Shekhar shields Bobby and dies on the spot. Nandu goes to Shekhar’s family to give the sad news. However, Shekhar’s family mistakes Nandu for Shekhar as they are seeing him after 18 years and accepts him as family.

Preet (Shreya Saran), daughter of Shekhar’s grandfather’s friend, falls in love with Nandu. But CBI Inspector Rane (Nana Patekar) is given the responsibility of tracking down the killer and is still after Nandu.

The movie is presented in a fantastic way. Although the subject matter is not new, the way it is presented is really praiseworthy.

Patekar has a stereotypical role as a tactful CBI police inspector. He is bold and comic and is seen flirting with female characters he comes in contact with. Deol, on the other hand, gets most of the suspense and action parts, whereas Patekar makes you laugh with funny dialogues.

Sharan, undoubtedly, is presented as Deol’s coy and submissive beloved. She looks cute, fresh and innocent. However, the love angle does not get much space in the movie. The music matches the actions but some songs are out of context.

It’s an entertaining movie with suspense, action and comedy.