Mukti and Revival rule Hits FM Music Awards


December 13 saw the 12th Annual Close Up Hits FM Awards honouring the deserving personalities of Nepal’s music world. This year the music fans and glitterati got to enjoy some of the classic songs of the contemporary era. When Deep Shrestha came on stage with the Legend band backing him up, the hall erupted with applause. Nostalgia filled the ambience when he sang the all time favourite Biteka ka kura le.

The night was all about Mukti and Revival who received four awards out of five nominations. Watching their favourite singer back in the country after a hiatus, the crowd screamed and clapped for Mukti Shakya. The band also performed Akasiama and Jaba ma samjhanchu to everyone’s delight. Other performances of the evening were by Karma Band who opened the show with his patriotic song Mero desh mero pyaro Nepal driving the crowd crazy with Nepali percussion melody in between. The ever popular bluesy Sanjha ma pani by Nima Rumba was performed as a duet with young and pretty Shreya Sotang. Nominated artistes Vedh, Radha Rai and Rajesh Payal Rai too performed. Rai like always kept the mood light with his talks and also added a little bit of poetry to the evening by saying, “Tapai lai Rajesh Hamal mann paryo ki Rajesh Payal, Hits FM ko naya stage dekhera ma bhaye ghaayal.”

A special tribute was paid to the versatile and talented singer Pushp Nepali for his contributions towards Nepali music industry. Nepali who worked for Radio Nepal during its ‘golden era’ sang around 500 songs and will always be remembered for his romantic and patriotic songs.

The Life Time Achievement Award was presented to Bhajan Siromani Bhakta Raj Acharya. Acharya, who has given classics like Jaha chan Buddha ka aankha, Mutu jail rahechha, Jati chot din chhau and many more, was present at the event with his whole family. Montage featuring Acharya and his journey through music in all these years showcased his contribution to music and his personal life. Veteran singer Mira Rana who performed his hit songs Maya meri saanjh bani and Mutu jali rahe chha in his honour said, “I may not sing as well as you, but I will try my best. If I make any mistakes please forgive me.”

Last year the Award function focused on drug awareness, and this year the social message was on HIV AIDS awareness.

The event was sponsored by Close Up and the official print media of the event was Annapurna Post.

I was not expecting two awards, actually I was not even expecting one. Every time when I come with hopes of winning, I go home empty handed. This time I was caught off guard. It’s

amazing. I am speechless • Sugam Pokharel

Kasari bhannu... I am very happy and I would like to thank all my fans. I would also like to thank Raj Bagar and share this award with him as this is his song.

• Bima Kumari Dura

On first award: This is for rock n’ roll fans and it feels very good… excellent.

On second award: Two actually is less; we are hoping to win more... at least four out of five nominations • Mukti and Revival

winners are:

• Best New Artiste: Dawa


• Best Pop Composition:

1 MB (School Pathshala)

• Best Rock Composition: Mukti and Revival

(Jaba ma samjhanchu)

• Best Composition: Saran

Chhinam (Batuwa)

• Best Arrangement: Fanindra Rai (Batuwa)

• Folk Record of the Year:

Bima Kumari Dura (Chhaati charkyo khabar sunera)

• Folk Album of the Year: Bimal Dangi (Bhagya phutyo aaina phute jhain)

• Best Song Originally

Recorded for a Motion

Picture Soundtrack: Suresh Adhikari (Dewar Babu)

• Best Vocal Collaboration:

Ram Bhalta/ Itu Jojiju

(Tyo kahilay ghaam)

• Best Performance by a Group or Duo with Vocal: Mukti and Revival (Jaba ma samjhanchu)

• Best Rock Vocal

Performance: Mukti and

Revival (Jaba ma samjhanchu)

• Best Female Pop Vocal

Performance: Pratima

Rajbhandari (Aayo hai aayo)

• Best Male Pop Vocal

Performance: Sugam Pokharel (School Pathshala)

• Best Female Vocal

Performance: Kunti Moktan (Juwari Kotko)

• Best Male Vocal

Performance: Karna Das

(Kehi Paal)

• Pop/ Rock Album of the

Year: Mukti and Revival (Dekhdai chhu ma)

• Album of the Year: Manko sapana (Kunti Moktan)

• Song of the Year: Saran

Chhinam (Batuwa)

• Record of the Year:

Narendra Pyasi

(Timi binako jeevan)