Multicultural Cage

WASHINGTON: Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage is so fascinated with making films outside his native US that he has vowed to work in more multicultural projects. The National Treasure actor, who has shot his upcoming flick Bangkok Dangerous entirely in Thailand with a complete Chinese crew, insists his experience has inspired him to develop a more ‘international mind’.

“(It’s an) all Asian (cast). I’m probably the only white guy in the movie. For me, that’s always interesting when you see different cultures, different races interacting.” Contactmusic quoted Cage, as saying.

“There’s always going to be an undeniable dramatic tension there. And that’s fascinating to watch. You want to see people getting along in cultures. And you want to see how it’s going to turn out.” He added.

Nicolas Cage expressed that he holds high regards for talent from diverse countries. “It’s refreshing to work with people from all around the world who are so talented, and introducing them to the United States as well.”