Music beyond borders

KATHMANDU: The hall of Nepal Academy at Kamaladi was sweating hard as the event Rock Nepal 2 electrified the housefull audiences irresistibly with amazing rocking notes. The event was held on May 23 on the occasion of 60th year of diplomatic relation between Nepal and France, where a fusion of the east and the west musicians along with a surprise package of Maug Manjushree’s classical Bajra Yoghini dance blurred the boundaries of nationalities and culture with euphoric performances. The event certainly took the rock scenario of Kathmandu to another level. The reason without any doubts was the presence of Rock Power Trio with legendary French musician Louis Bertignac and our own Rock Sitar band with Bijaya Vaidya, known for his magical sitar works.

Late as usual but the much awaited excitement seemed to have eased the audience occupying every sit present. First to blast off was Rock Sitar and the performance was something never seen before. Baidya’s sensational electric plugged sitar notes in a rock star pose

with gradual head banging and teeth picking the sitar strings vanished his classical stereotypical image to more of rock star and the crowd loved it. Compared to all the six punchy rock instrumentals, their 4th number Mother Nature filled every heart with bliss.

Besides the sitar maestro, the waving flute work of Pratap KC, cascade like natural drumming of Nikhil Tuladhar, Deepak Shakya’s heart-throb bass lines, along with Suren Lama’s electric guitar twisters made the night memorable.

Just minutes after their departure from the stage, the whole hall went berserk with the approach of Rock Power Trio. Louis Bertignac without wasting any time raised the mercury even higher, with his rocking French numbers. A three man band, so powerful

in every note, the trio banged the hall until the end. Cyril Denis with this heart pounding bass lines and Felix Sabal Lecco with his hard hit drum beats along Louis’s powerful voice and endless lead kept the crowd moving. The end was the best part, when the two bands and the butterfly like dancer Maug played as one unit, the perfect example reflecting the need of unity and harmony between nations.

Behind the stage, Rock Power Trio shared some of their thoughts with THT. They shared a similar answer ‘amazing’, defining their experience of rock in Nepal. “It was so amazing how people cherished our songs, despite the language barrier,”said Denis. “Music is all about feeling and emotion that pleases a person’s mood and that really came to be true tonight with the Nepalis crowd,” added Denis grinning. They conveyed a message that Nepalis should be proud of having such a talented artistes like in Rock Sitar band.

“I know him from my past experience, Bijaya is a good friend of mine and as an artiste he is a

prodigy,” said Bertignac.

Following the conversation, Lecco added that Nepalis

musicians are rich when it comes to music, we learn from them, through their spiritual tunes that have amazed the whole world.”

The event was organised by French Embassy, Alliance Francaise, SAC Music and Nepal Tourism Board.