Music to all ears

KATHMANDU: The auditorium of the Nepal Music Centre was filled with enthusiastic music fans and well-known music personalities on May 1. The occasion was the album release of the X-it band and everyone was eager to hear the music of the much-awaited album, which was being released almost after six years of recording and hard work. The band comprising Iman Bikram Shah (guitar, bass and drum midi production), Garima Gurung Shah (vocals) and Binayak Bikram Shah (guitars, synthesisers and back vocals) had worked hard to give their best to the album Final Chapter.

The album was released by prominent blues musician Mukti Shakya of Mukti and the Revival.

“With this album they have given something different to the Nepali music scenario. This band consists the best of the music field — Garima, I have noticed never tries hard to sound good, she sings from her heart and that makes all the difference. And those who are in interested in guitar will find this album refreshing with its brilliant music produced by Iman and Binayak who have their own unique techniques,” said Shakya.

The band performed two songs from the Final Chapter— Biteka din and Dherai tada — and on request from the audience, they gave an encore performance of Biteka din.

“It was overwhelming to hear everyone asking for more. We had prepared only two songs but soon we will be playing other songs from the album,” said Garima.

Abhaya Subba, who was present at the event, said, “The songs of this album really grow on you. I am really glad for Garima, and as she is back in the scene, now I have someone to rock along with.”

To everyone’s delight Iman Bikram said, “After a break of a week or two we will be performing at various venues. As the songs are not for arena concert, we will be focussing on smaller venues and most probably will be travelling performing at different places. And this is only the end of one story (referring to the name Final Chapter), we will be coming up with more.”

As the album took six years to make Binayak explained, “We actually took time signing up a record company. As we penned all the lyrics and worked in our own studio, we decided to give more time but come out with the best. As for hearing more of us, definitely there are plans for future.”

The album consists of eight numbers, one of which is an instrumental. The album has two English tracks and varies from classical rock, eastern classical to folk rhythms.