Music to unite against hunger


Birendra International Convention Centre auditorium saw a rocking evening on July 2 as the long cherished Nepathya band unleashed their magic on young music lovers gathered to affirm their solidarity to make our country, and the world, hunger-free.

Organised jointly by Youth Action Nepal, Action Aid, Nepa-laya, and Child Development Youth Network, the concert was preceded by a rally from Maitighar Mandala to the concert venue.

The hunger free campaign is being launched in 10 different countries around the world by Action Aid as a pressure campaign to urge UN to include the millennium development goal to reduce deaths by hunger as a major agenda in the next general assembly at New York.

The concert commenced right on time with the song Mainapokhari. However, Nepathya soon switched on to happy notes with their hit songs like Chekyo Chekyo, Chari Maryo, Bhedako Uun Jasto, Resham, Taal ko Pani. Their repertoire had so many hit songs that the screaming crowd hardly had any excuse to slow down. The concert finally came to an end with Aau Milau Hamro Hath, a song urging all to join hands to fight hunger.

The audience was time and again reminded of the millions of needless deaths caused by hunger around the world, including those of caring mothers and innocent children,

and the gross misuse of food materials by the privileged ones.