My duties as a senior student

One day or other, every student will become a senior student of his/her school, and with it comes a number of responsibilities — towards the school and towards our own selves too. As seniors, we should be able to distinguish the wrong from the right.

I think the most important duty of a senior student is to obey the rules and regulations of the school, and overcome temptations to break the rules.

Rules and regulations of a school hold great importance. They are made for the overall development of the students.

For example, one of the rules of our school is to speak English within the school premises. This rule is mostly neglected. I think that being a senior student I should talk in English at all times regardless of whether I am being watched or not, and with my juniors so that they can learn from me. What is noticed is that seniors is think the rules are not made for them, they are only for the juniors. But this is not so.

What more can I do as a senior student? I should be disciplined, obedient and helpful

at all times. I should carry out work that have a positive influence on my juniors. So, I should always walk on the right path to guide them along.

I should also make it a point to participate in extra curricular activities and encourage my juniors to do the same. This can help them develop their leadership qualities and competitive spirit.

I should behave properly with my teachers and all fellow students. I should keep the environment and school surroundings clean and encourage and teach my juniors to do the same.

One of the important duties as a senior student is that I should set a good example for my juniors to follow. I should not bully them, so that they also do not bully their juniors.