My father

Most hated person: My father.” That’s what my teacher read in a student’s autograph book. My heart trembled, brain failed to work, mouth was speechless. I began to think about my father, my “Baba”. Since I came in this world 14 years ago, I have never felt the love of my father to be insufficient. Each moment I spend with him is unforgettable. How could a child say their parent was the person he most hated? How could they forget the sacrifices by their parents?

Every father does as much as possible form them. I consider myself very lucky to have such a father who not only looks after me but also shares his past experiences with me. He teaches me the value of life and makes me realise my duty. “You are my future, you are my wealth, my future depends upon you,” this is what my father tell me. My father shows no sorrow in having daughters though many people have said various things. I know how much my father cares for us and just what he expects from us. He knows how to deal with us. His excited face full of happiness at our success encourages me to do better. The way he expresses his feelings can turn anyone to the right path. His sad face when we fail and his advice give me strength to work harder. Manusheela Pokharel, Class X, Ankur Vidhyasharm, Kathmandu