My friend’s gift

Time is like flowing water that never returns. I wish it could turn back but it does not listen to anyone.

I remember the day when I was in Class VIII when a new girl and her family came to live in our neighbourhood. Her name was Samantha and she was the same age as mine. She was friendly with everyone but I was very stupid. She used to smile at me but I used to pretend not to notice her. However, as days passed we became friends.

I learned many things from her. She used to carry a notebook with her everywhere she went and jotted down everything she noticed in it.

I thought it was weird and always tried to find out what she wrote in it, but she didn’t let me. Then one day she handed me a gift. I didn’t open it thinking I’d do so later at home.

We walked down talking about our future plans, when a dog came running out of nowhere making me fall in the middle of the road. At the same time a truck came roaring towards me. I was frightened but Samantha grabbed my hand and pushed me to the edge of the road.

I lived but my friend didn’t.

Years have passed by but I remember her. I feel her. I remember each and everything she taught me and her gift, which was a notebook, is still with me. She had written about her precious moments in the notebook. I read it every night when I go to bed. I think God sent her for me. I think she was an angel. I still miss my friend.