My life among the clouds

I was assembled in a factory in Frankfurt, Germany. Every day many workers polished me in

my hanger. When they saw me, there was a kind of glow on their faces, which I cannot express in words. I was fitted with all kinds of hi-tech equipment, then painted and made ready for sale. They named me Airbus A360.

I was sold to Lufthansa Air. I was flown from my hanger to Frankfurt airport and then to Lufthansa’s base. Though I was new, they checked me, then I was brought to service. They had many other aircraft. I made many new friends. My pilots were Rachel Smith and William Bush. Every day I flew hundreds and thousands of passengers to their destination.

I served for 12 years, then something bad happened. One stormy day I was on my regular route to Alaska, when I ran into a storm on the way. I went directly into the storm thinking that it was a normal storm, but no, it was the storm of category 7, one of the deadliest.

My heart was pounding very fast. I tried to stay on my course to Alaska but the storm was so harsh that I couldn’t stand in front of it. I couldn’t see anything in front of me and I crashed into a mountain. I was in big pain. All the persons aboard me were dead along with my pilots. No one was alive.

After four days my wreckage was found and I was sent to my hanger. Even today I am here, feeling lonely. Now, nobody comes here. Previously, when people saw me, there used to be a glow on their faces, but now when someone comes here to see me I can see nothing but sorrow in their eyes.

— Jon Shrestha, Class IX, Little Angels’ School