KATHMANDU: Twenty three male dancers in their vibrant traditional attire and accessories entered the hall of Nepal Academy on September 15 and swayed to the drumbeats. With shields and spears in hand, doing synchronised leg movements and making lines, the dancers performed their Naga festive dance. It was an interestingly elaborate and athletic performance and it was presented by Ao Naga Tribe from Nagaland, India. A little bit of culture and art from Nagaland came alive at the event organised by the Indian Cultural Centre. Naga dances and songs were showcased by the troupe from Nagaland — three performances which included a war dance and two festive dances. “It was really nice to perform for the Nepali people and I am happy to put up our dance,” dancer Imdangchiba Aier shared of his experience after the show adding, “This is my first time in Nepal and performing on a big occasion.” “They did pretty good,” said the leader of the troupe Subotemjen. The troupe has been around for 20 years with changing dancers. As per him, it was first time for the group to perform outside their state and “it was good to perform our dance in a new environment. It was new for the audience and it was quite exciting for us as well”. In addition to the dances, the audience got to listen Naga folk song too. The people of Nagaland but living in Nepal performed a fusion song, an improvised Hiyo Hiyo — traditional chanting fused with a Christian hymn. Chuba Ao, 38, who was among the 11 performers shared that “the song represents the modern Naga people. It is a good combination of what we traditionally do and what we are now”. Being a part of the programme was “like  being at home seeing our own people, traditional dress and dances” to him. It would have been better “if the event had Nepali cultural elements for the performers of Nagaland to learn something and take back home”.