Nagarkot comes alive with Lhochhar celebrations


As the winding uphill road to Nagarkot began the festive spirit could be felt in the air. A special three day Lhochhar celebration held at the Army Training Ground at Nagarkot, which drew a huge crowd — both locals as well as valley denizens. Even small restaurants and eateries along the road seemed to be part of the celebration with music playing on and special décor.

The three-day long Naldum Lhochhar Festival 2065 organised by the Nagarkot Naldum Development Committee aimed at promoting and preserving Tamang art and culture, especially among the younger generation. It also intended to promote Nagarkot as a tourist spot for locals as well. The event had stalls showcasing various handicrafts and agricultural products. Meanwhile food and music were an integral part of the celebrations. Various stalls with popular dishes and authentic Tamang cuisines had people hovering to taste their favourite food items.

As for music it had a combination of both traditional as well as popular items. On the first and

third day various groups presented their traditional dances. The event also saw popular folk singers like Indira Gurung, Tulasa Waiwa and Chandra Kumar Dong belting out their popular numbers.

On the second day, which also happens to be the New Year’s Day of the Tamangs, Sherpa and the Tibetan communities, performances by pop singers Nima Rumba and Deepak Bajracharya were the highlight of the day.

Dressed in their traditional outfits people who came to enjoy the festival added extra charm to the celebrations, some of the organisers were also dressed in traditional attire.

Two local girls Anjana Lama and Sraina Lama who attended everyday of the festival said that although the enjoyed each day it was the concert by Nima Rumba that they liked the most. As they walked out of the venue, after the festival was over, Anjana said, “Now that it’s over I am already missing the whole excitement of the festival”. — HNS