LONDON: Supermodel Naomi Campbell is set to tie the knot with her Russian lover Vladimir Doronin, it has emerged.
According to reports, the Londoner has left Britain to set up home with the Russian billionaire in Moscow. A friend said, “When Vlad asked her to move into his penthouse, she didn’t think twice.
“She has started Russian lessons, and is making a real effort to bond with his friends. The friend also added that Vladimir bought Campbell a Van Cleef black diamond skull ring,” reports The Mirror.
Campbell— who met Doronin, 47, at the Cannes Film Festival 18 months ago — showed it off at a friend’s party last week in Sao Paula, Brazil.
Her friend said, “When someone asked if the new ring was a gift from Vlad, she nodded and smiled. She was positively glowing. And she’s already lined up work in Russia - she’s going to guest-edit Vogue there in March, which is a huge honour. It might not be an engagement ring, but hopefully a wedding is on the cards — it seems the next logical step.”