Nature on my mind

KATHMANDU: “All my paintings in this exhibition depict the beauty of various seasons in Nepal and India,” said Aditi Chakraborty Sadhu, the artist whose fourth solo exhibition titled ‘Contemplating Nature’ is going on at The Art Shop, Durbar Marg.

As the theme of the exhibition suggests, the paintings in the exhibition showcase paintings related to natural beauty. The 22 paintings depict different seasons like spring, summer, winter and autumn.

Along with it, the paintings also give a glimpse of natural beauty.

All the paintings are abstract and the artist has given life to them through her colour combinations, mostly with the use of orange, red and black.

“I have mostly used warm colours in my paintings,” said Sadhu stating that the colours have been selected as demanded by the theme. She also said that the choice of colours varies with the nature of an artist, and she has chosen such bright and warm colours as she claims to be an optimist.

The works are oil on canvas.

The art exhibition is on till March 26.