Nepali-Dutch jazz affair


Before the Diwali festivities blasts off with fireworks and lights, music will set the tenor for the festive beginning. The Jazz Affair at the Garden of Dreams will feature the Dutch group Saskia Laroo and Nepal’s very own Stupa on October 11.

It’s the first time for the band from the Netherlands to perform in Nepal, and the band members including Saskia Laroo, who leads the band with her sonorous trumpet, were excited about their upcoming performance.

Laroo, who herself coined her sound as “body music”, believes that people should have a good time, and dance along as she plays.

At a press meet organised by Infinity International Pvt Ltd, Laroo informed that while she’s never heard a Nepali Jazz musician, her music still left enough room for fusion and improvisation. Laroo is known for mixing different styles and loves the freedom to jump from Jazz to groove and back and back again.

“I think the reason why it’s all going okay is because I play for the fun of all, including mine,” she says.

The Jazz Affair is being organised in aid of Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital Diagnostic Centre. (Ticket Rs 2,000 includes dinner; time 6:00 pm; for details call — 4425340)