Nepali students charm Dutch crowd

LEEUWARDEN: A group of Nepali students, including former students of the Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management, put up a great show at the International Day 2005 at CHN University Netherlands.

The eight students from Nepal won in a contest that was participated by students from 18 other countries and was adjudged as having the best stall.

The Nepali students sang a song generally heard during harvest in Nepal. Their dance was a metaphor of the love between a man and woman.

Every year CHN University organises a big event in which students from at least 50 countries are invited to perform. “It is a great opportunity to exchange culture and traditions. This university is a big melting pot with students from all over the world,” Dutch student Tim Noordegraaf from the organising committee said.

At the moment there are 15 students from Nepal at the university.