Nepathya charms ISF crowd

New Delhi:

A nation’s political scenario influences music and the message that is sent out to the world — this was proved at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on November 13 as Nepathya played to a packed crowd who had gathered for the Indian Social Forum, the Indian chapter of World Social Forum.

“As it’s a time of jubilation in the country so we will also sing happy songs,” said the band’s frontman Amrit Gurung as he started the afternoon’s performance with Ukali orali.

And in front of a crowd that represented members of the civil society from across Asia, Africa and Europe, Nepathya spread the message of a new Nepal with his music. “It’s a time to celebrate,” he said and his songs reflected this sentiment.

Bhedako oon jasto, Gaun gaun bata utha, Taalko paani maachhile khane, Jomsomai bazaarma filled the air as an audience, the majority of which did not understand Nepali, rose to it feet and clapped and cheered the band on.

With Rato ra chandra ra surya, Gurung ended Nepathaya’s short but stellar performance.

“There were very less people who understood Nepali at the concert, but no one was stingy with their clapping,” said Gurung after the concert, adding, “Music has no boundaries, everyone loves it and understands the language of music, so there was no dearth of applause or clapping.”