Nepathya kicks off four-city-tour from Birtamode

KATHMANDU: Nepal's premier folk-rock band, Nepathya, captivated audiences with its trademark folk-rock music genre at Domalal Stadium in Birtamode of Jhapa district on Tuesday.

The show started with a brief traffic awareness video followed by Nepathya's music videos, Sa Karnali and Aina Jhyal.

Nepathya performed a power-packed two hours setlist which covered songs from the initial hits to their latest release, from Chhekyo Chhekyo to Jomsome Bazaar to Mai Mari Jaunla, Resham, Tal ko Pani and Sirfula, as the audience sang and danced with the band.

"We then lived with fear as our nation was drenched in conflict. Staying out of the house after dusk was considered risky, let alone organising a concert. That was why we did our peace concert shows during the day," Nepathya lead singer and social activist Amrit Gurung recalled.

Referring to the traffic accident minimisation campaign, Amrit Gurung appealed from the stage, "Most of the traffic accidents happen when we break traffic rules. Our life is too precious to lose through such negligence. I request all to follow traffic rules and make our roads a safer place to commute."

The band played social and patriotic numbers like Hami Nepali, Gaun Gaun Bata Utha before concluding the show with Rato ra Chandra.

After a successful rendezvous with Birtamode audience, the band left for Dharan of Sunsari district to perform on November 23.

Nepathya is on a four-city-tour as part of its 25-year musical journey.