Nepathya to perform in Seoul, New York, San Francisco

KATHMANDU: Popular Nepali folk rock band Nepathya is travelling to Seoul, New York and San Francisco in next one month.

The band is scheduled to perform at the Korean Broadcasting System Arena in Seoul on September 15 as their fourth event in the South Korean Capital.

Likewise, shows in New York and San Francisco of the United States have been planned for September 24 and October 1 respectively, Nepalaya, which manages the band activities, informed in a statement on Thursday.

The Seoul show is being hosted by Tamang Samaj on the occasion of Chuseok, a major harvest festival celebrated with three days of public holiday in Korea, according to the statement.

"For immigrant communities, this becomes an opportunity to get together with friends," the statement read, "Nepathya is to perform for the Nepali immigrant community residing in Korea."

After the Korea show, the band will come back home and leave immediately for the US.

The themes of the shows will be Music for Peace, according to Nepalaya.

“We are excited for this tour to meet our audience from South Korea to San Francisco,” said Nepathya front man Amrit Gurung in the statement, " We look forward to having a good time with our friends and well wishers in all these places on the eve of Dashain.”

The band is scheduled to return home for Dashain.